Michael is an extremely talented floral designer! He was tasked with arranging the flowers for our wedding and reception; he delivered above and beyond what we had ever expected. We received so many compliments! From the bouquets to the centrepieces...each piece was carefully handcrafted with so much attention to detail. He was the only vendor that managed to impress us during such a stressful time. I never had to worry, as he was in constant communication with us, and always followed through. I would highly recommend Michael and would hire him again without a second thought!

Livea & Vince Philip

I was not your typical bride. I didn't want to be bothered with the details, including flowers. After all I thought that NOBODY would ever remember the flowers or the arrangements at my wedding, so why pay attention. However, I must also admit that I wanted a wedding that would make my frenemies green with envy, my parents and family proud, and my friends excited with joy.

So when it came time to choose a florist that I knew I could trust to fulfil ALL of those expectations, I called Michael and asked him to do his magic. Meeting with my wedding planner and the groom only, Michael took the colour palette, his knowledge of us as a couple, of me as a PERSON, and created an experience that I will never forget. Even when I had my bride temper tantrum, Michael explained each flower, where it would go, and how it would look. On my wedding day, when I walked into the chapel, my breath was taken away by the stunning array one man (and his faithful sidekick and partner) could assemble. When he walked into the bridal room to hand me my bouquet, the tears of joy just started to flow.

Of all the pictures we have taken of our wedding, the ones I love to look at are the ones that feature the decorations and table toppers that Michael created. My matron of honour's parents loved them so much; they hired him to do the arrangements for her bridal shower a couple of weeks later!

It has been two years since our wedding and the one question we get asked whenever and wherever we are is "Who did those beautiful flowers?" I am always Proud to say, "My friend, Michael Fritz!"

Dr. Maria Dixon Hall
Venue - Highland Park United Methodist Church
Reception The GREAT Hall

University Park

I asked Michael Fritz of Drummer Boy Designs to decorate the outside of my home in this historic district of Winnetka Heights in Oak Cliff. I had to renege on my promise to be part of the Holiday in the Heights home tour, but wanted to show my support for the project by making the exterior of my house festive and memorable for the many visitors and for my neighbours. Mr. Fritz understood that whatever he did, it had to highlight, not obscure, the Craftsman-style architecture of the house and that it had to be visually appealing during the day as well as night. In short, lots of lights on the eaves and reindeer on the roof would be an embarrassment.

An embarrassment, it certainly was not. The house was festooned with traditional garlands, wreaths, giant pine cones and ribbons that wrapped the house in holiday finery that would have been appropriate almost a century ago. But, Mr. Fritz modernized these traditional decorations with touches of light-wrapped grapevine and tree limbs that played off the square angles of the architecture, creating the perfect winter tableau - warm and inviting as a fireplace, cool and minimalist as a moon-washed snowscape. I couldn't have imagined a better result! And my neighbours agreed: Mr. Fritz continued to decorate my home with the same creativity, wit and artistry, and he won first place in the home decoration contest for an unprecedented three years in a row.

Clay Hubbard
Dallas, Texas

Michael , I wanted to take a moment to let you know what an amazing job you did on the flowers for our father's funeral. I really appreciate the care, detail and thoughtfulness you put in each and every arrangement. Your professionalism was outstanding. I have never encountered a designer who is as compassionate as you. This was a great comfort to our family in this most difficult of times. Designers of your calibre are few and far between.

Sylvia Huffer
Wylie Texas

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael's flowers made my wedding. They were nothing short of glorious - so many people commented on the fantastic use of texture and color. His attention to every detail was impressive - and comforting. It truly wasn't until the day of our Wedding and reception that I realized just how important the flowers are, not only to a wedding, but to any event. So I'm very grateful that I had Michael Fritz designing my flowers. I will recommend him to everyone I know from now on.

Pam Elrod Huffman
Venue - Perkins Chapel
Event Date March 2012

Dallas, Texas

Mr Fritz was the Floral Designer and Co-ordinator for our wedding on the 28th August 1999. He single-handedly devised our floral needs for a rather grand and distinguished wedding.

We married at Rainthorpe Hall, Norfolk, an Elizabethan manor house set in 5 acres of beautiful countryside. We chose the venue for its classic setting, and historical interest. It was important for all our arrangements to suit the ambience of the Hall, and its grounds.

Mr Fritz came to England in 1998, a year before our marriage, to visit the venue, and gain an insight into what we required, and the atmosphere we wished to create with the floral designs both inside and outside the Hall. It was a huge undertaking, and Mr Fritz understood the need for precision and professionalism, hence his pre-visit, and attention to detail. We were so very grateful to him for adding this visit, as we saw it as a reflection of his personal need to meet our requirements to the letter, and also ensure he had a complete picture of the task in hand.

A detailed sketch of the layout, including scale, and colours inside the main hall, was produced by Mr Fritz, and he began to visualise the flowers needed to create a festival of colours, and dimensions required. We were amazed by his wealth of knowledge of all things floral, and his flair for 'thinking outside the box' to make arrangements which would have us, and all our guests, gasping at their originality.

A detailed summary was sent through to us shortly after this visit, and it reassured us of Mr Fritz's total professionalism, and ability to meet our needs.

When Mr Fritz returned to England in August 1999, he had already secured an order for 3,500 roses to be shipped over from Ecuador, to meet his arrival in the UK. These were transported to an address to be nurtured and prepared for their final arrangements. The roses, hybrid delphinium, Casablanca lily were unbelievable; huge, vibrant, and aromatic far beyond what we had ever dreamed.

Additional flowers and 'fruits' ( as we touched upon previously, Mr Fritz 'thinks outside the box') were purchased, to complete his vision of our arrangements, not forgetting personal attention to my bouquet, and those flowers adorning the wedding party. He then set about planning the whole event, from pots, positions, impact, importance of sizing, and everything anyone could wish for. This he did single-handedly. I cannot emphasise the huge undertaking he made, and the pressure placed at his feet, but he met our every request with calm, humour, and patience. Extreme patience!!

When I arrived at Rainthorpe Hall, in all my splendour, the sight of the flowers at the entrance, took my breath away. I shed more than a tear!

They were magnificent beyond my wildest dreams. The moment will remain with me forever. The venue was adorned with an explosion of colour, co-ordinated perfectly, and sympathetic to their backdrop of an Elizabethan Manor House, built circa 1500.

Inside the hall I was met with a sight of rare beauty, as the arrangements 'leapt' out from the wood-panelled walls, and lit the otherwise austere surroundings. Just amazing!

There were open roses floating in the fountains outside. Tall elegant vases bedecked with flowers of every hue, created a feast for the eyes on tables surrounded by overwhelmed guests. Everyone gushed when talking about the floral designs. Wedding co-ordinators with years of experience couldn't believe that one man could create and produce such note-worthy designs. They wanted him to remain in the UK to recommend him to other clients.

To conclude, we are so grateful to Mr Fritz for everything he did for us, before, during and after the event of our marriage. He has abilities which outshine his peers, and he continues to meet client needs and demands, sensitively, thoughtfully, and with the utmost professionalism. We recommend him to anyone who has taste, style and demands only the very best. Mr Fritz is!

Mr and Mrs Bradley S. Jones
Kent, England
United Kingdom